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Stand for Equality, Freedom, and Economic Opportunity - Sign the Petition

Join the Movement to Overturn the Discriminatory Securities Act of 1933

SUMMARY: Per SEC estimation, a staggering 87% of American households are currently excluded from participating in a significant segment of capital raising. It started with the outdated Securities Act of 1933, which created complicated barriers to raising capital. The discriminatory term “accredited investor” was added to the Securities Act in 1980. Only 13% of Americans qualify as “accredited,” according to the SEC. 

This means that everyday Americans, despite their knowledge, skills, and aspirations, face significant hurdles in accessing investments that can help them build wealth, support their families, and achieve their dreams. The Securities Act of 1933 undermines the principles of economic freedom and equality that our nation stands for.

By signing this petition you make your voice heard to the SEC so it is known you support economic equality and find the designation of “accredited investor” unfair, outdated, and missed its aim.